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The greatest good [one-shot]

Title: The greatest good
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters: Emily Bennett
Warning/Spoilers: If you have seen season 1 up to episode 1.20, none spoilers.
Word Count: 1.369
Summary: Without the blindfold she herself had put on, fascinated by this new importance of her, she realized what was happening: hell was rising in Mystic Falls.
A/N: Written for thewitchgoddess’ Weekly Prompt Challenge: “The true hardships of being a Bennett witch.” I want to thank my wonderful and amazing beta champagnescene. Without her I couldn’t have even publish this one-shot.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to L.J. Smith/The CW

No one had ever seen Emily as a girl –as just a single person that could do more than following and accepting the orders of others that thought she didn’t matter at all. Even if she knew she had an incredible power running through her veins making her so much better than all of masters, it wasn’t something to be happy for. Inside her little and dark bedroom she could make every object float around her, set he doll on fire and then, playing with the ashes, she would have the doll as if never was victim of the flames. Outside though, she was one of the maids. Nothing magical or different or worthy of admire about her.

When Katherine appeared in her life, looking at her from her bare and dirty feet to her messy hair, making her feel aware of the difference between them from the first time since she was a little girl, everything changed.

“You are very beautiful” she said, fixing her eyes on her face. There was something intense in them that reminded her the disturbing image of a predator studying cautiously its prey. “Almost as if it were something magical about you”.

It was fun in the beginning; having a purpose and feeling the importance of protecting somebody. She started to feel special without guilt, because she could live her power inside and outside her bedroom. Maybe that’s the reason she didn’t understand the true consequences about their actions. Katherine acted as her mistress in public, but the true is that she was her best and only friend. The vampire let her in a big, bloody family where everybody had everybody’s back. So while Katherine played with the Salvatore brothers, Emily made sure the Mystic Falls’ residents didn’t become aware of the existence of vampires in the town. She started to write all of her enchantments, potions, and spells in a book; how to defy sunlight by letting a vampire walking in the day, spells to attract wolfs and bears (or animals in general) to the town in order to blame them for the suspicious corpses with their necks and thighs ripped off…

‘How to incapacitate a vampire for a short amount of time’
she wrote one day, knowing this was the first step in a very heartbreaking and painful path. A path with no point of return.

Katherine’s presence was so big, that it intoxicated until she was wasted by her. The night she felt betrayed and dumb was one she’d never forget. Frederick had converted Harper. She knew when the elder vampire had called her, asking her to spell a day-walking ring for the young boy --new vampire. The only reason he gave to convert him was boredom. Harper was young, timid, and black -the best qualities of an employee and as any good employee, he didn’t have a word about this new change in his life. With the ring in her fingers, Emily did what she was asked for, but she could feel her heart beating rapidly against her ribs. She hadn’t felt that angry and powerless since her mother slapped her in the face when she was five or six years old. “Nobody has to know about you –us!” she had said, “The Bennett family is one full of servants. Better be one than die executed as some of us did back in Salem.” She had been trembling, and Emily was sure it wasn’t for the horrid images of witches’ corpses hanging in some European village. Her body was trembling with rage, because she could do nothing to change this. She was, again, a simple and unimportant maid.

Without the blindfold she herself had put on, fascinated by this new importance of her, she realized what was happening: hell was rising in Mystic Falls. Kids were found dead without any logical reason, more people were attacked in the woods at the middle of the night, women prayed to God for salvation and life for their unborn children and grandchildren. And they, the vampires, were walking as if this was their kingdom and they could do anything as they pleased. She was one of them, she thought feeling nauseated. She had been helping them to kill, rape, and play with people –humans as if they were puppets.

Emily knew her place. She was a mere servant and a human; she couldn’t do anything to confront the vampires or Katherine herself. They were too much and if she tried a spell to hurt them, the one receiving a visit from the Death would be her. It was then when she started to help the humans in secret, because they were suspicious about the massive ‘animal’ attacks in Mystic Falls and without a proper guide showing them the answer –spelling a compass, for instance. As a good maid, she observed and heard what the sires talked about and she was always updated in how the ‘hunting’ was going. Of course, Katherine knew too with her excellent sense of hearing, but she didn’t know the unknown and invisible presence among the humans protecting them.

Sobering up from the intoxication from Katherine, she could clearly see what life and everybody meant for her: a game. No friendship, no love, no loyalties. She just cared for herself and every move she did, it was under an ulterior motive. The vampire needed a witch, and she got her. Katherine stepped in the perfect moment, making her turn her back against good judgment and every little good thing that was in her heart, killing them and she let herself be transform into a monster’s puppet.

After a while, Jonathan Gilbert was aware of her powers and he asked for her assistance to vanish those “filthy and vile creatures”, as he said, from Mystic Falls. The plan succeeded. That night she sealed the tomb, swearing to herself it was never going to be opened ever again. A rush of relieve washed over her.

It wasn’t until later that night when she wondered if she was doing was right.

The Salvatore brothers died. They both knew about Katherine’s nature and in name of love, they tried to help her escape. Obviously love or the idea of it wasn’t enough to keep alive when they were bleeding with bullets incrusted in their chests. When she was asked to help in the Salvatore house to stake the brother’s corpses, she felt the touch of Death imprinted on their skins. Katherine’s blood was inside them.

Aside all their flaws, they weren’t bad young men. Especially Stefan, she had seen his kindness. He had such a kind heart, something rarely seen nowadays. If she saved him, she needed to save the brother too. Stefan would never be able to make a choice with his brother staked, gone forever. They could choose if they want to keep living, even if it meant their hearts weren’t beaten anymore. Something that Harper and many vampires didn’t have: a choice. If they decided to complete the transformation, she would control their behavior by spelling day-walking rings for them. She was going to do what she always thought she had to do with the other vampires, but never did it for fear. However, these thoughts weren’t enough to silence a little voice inside her head saying the true: they could be vampires. Vampires with the instinct to kill and drained every human in front of them.

She never staked them. Using her powers, the corpses floated to the woods, somewhere near the lake. By morning they would wake up and she’d be there, warning them about what could happen next depending on their choices.

When she was walking to her home, she wondered if it was going to be like this: choosing between sides, trying to walk in the middle. And with the sour taste of the future being changed in destiny, she knew this was going to be true and only one hardship of being a Bennett witch: trusting in their judgment so they can find the balance, the greatest good to do.

Emily looked above her. The sky was barely visible with trees’ branches everywhere.

Choosing the greatest good isn’t easy, she thought, embracing herself.
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